Compiling maps in DuctTape

When I said that creating textures in ducttape was very easy it is nothing to compiling maps. It is so easy to do that I couldn't believe it the first time I tried it. Although saying that it is very easy in hammer as-well, so why should you compile in duct-tape. Well the simple reason is that duct-tape is a multi-threaded application this allows it to take advantage of multiple cpu cores. In layman's terms it is faster at compiling your maps.

So basically all you need to do is place your map in the folder created during setup and right click on it then click build then sit back and let it finish.

Ok so ducttape can do so much more with maps than just that, the custom build setup allows the mapper to have greater control over the compile, the problem with me documenting this feature is that I am a modeler and not a mapper and when I had a fiddle around with the custom build set up I failed soo badly I made windows decided to stop working. Therefore in the best interest of you the user I will let someone else complete this section.

If you really want help with it either post on lopers or check out the dev-wiki.