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DuctTape - Making Modding Easier


Version 0.19a Release

3rd May by Coder0xff

Bug fixes.

Version 0.18a Release

14th October by Coder0xff

Several bug fixes, and some new features. See the download page for the change log.

Version 0.17a Release

22nd September by Coder0xff

Several bug fixes, and some new features. Be sure to check out the just added material editor. Browse through the right click menus for the file view, too. There are some new tools in there.

Vote for Duct Tape

15th May by Surfa, the place that hosts all DuctTape related stuff, is having it's fourth annual Community Choice Awards. They'll be accepting nominations until May 29th, and the ten projects with the most nominations in each category will become the finalists. Click the pic below, then choose a category. After completion, it'll share a snippet for blogs or such for the same image below, so you can pass on the word.

Sorry, nominations are now closed.

Duct Tape Featured on podcast17

12th May by Surfa

Duct tape was featured on the hl2 podcast podcast17 yesterday. Although they weren't sure about the uses of duct-tape it was nice to see duct-tape recognized in the hl2 community. I personaly love the podcast17 podcast and I am an avid listener so be sure to check it out.

Podcast 17

New Release

May 3rd by Coder0xff

A quick bug fix and a new release to version 0.14a

New Website

May 3rd by Blink

DuctTape now has a lovely new website to call it's home. You can find news, various release versions and documentation guides scattered around this site.

Let me know if there are any noticeable bugs etc but be advised IE6 is not supported on this site!

DuctTape Alpha First Release!

April 25th by coder0xff

After much work, DuctTape is still incomplete, but has some pretty useful stuff in it. It's now available on the downloads page as a zipped installer. Just unzip, and run setup.exe

Note: The package is labeled 0.12a but the software says 0.11a. This is OK. The next update will correct the problem.

A more thorough explanation of DuctTape is in order. The intent of DuctTape is to unify and automate creation of scripts, command line utilities, and compiling. For example, DuctTape can create and compile an SMD into a MDL in a matter of a few clicks. It also contains a soundscape editor.

We introduce a new concept of scripted texture builds - which are authored graphically, of course. Rather than having to go into VTFEdit everytime you change your source image, DuctTape will detect that the source has changed and rebuild the VTFs that are based upon it. This type of functionality is ubiquitous, actually. If you change a map, SMD, QC, etc DuctTape will rebuild your outdated game content with the click of a button (The build mod button in the toolbar).

Feel free to use the public features of the Sourceforge page to submit bug reports, feature suggestions, and support requests. Please be sure to search before you post!

I hope you find DuctTape useful. Thanks for downloading.

Visit DuctTape @ SourceForge

What is DuctTape?

A development integration and project building tool for Source Engine modders.

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